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Kinect in Advertising Solution

Kinect, long considered the realm of science fiction, is finally here. Using tools of this, audiences are now able to put themselves into the entertainment experience. This can be a huge boon for advertisers, since it means that you can get your potential customers directly involved in your product.

Enhancing the Entertainment Experience

Advertising is a part of our everyday world, and it can actually be used to make a virtual reality experience even more immersive. By tying your brand to related games and other media experiences, you can make the audience feel like the virtual world they are entering is even more real. The high definition graphics allowed by these entertainment systems also allow you a chance to enhance the experience even more by making your brand stand out in the virtual world. This strong visual impact is key to developing your brand as something that your audience can trust and enjoy. The more they associate you with this virtual entertainment, the more successful you will be in the long run.

Kinect Features

Kinect allows consumers to interact with brands in a unique way. With RichTech’s Kinect product, the simulated reality uses a Microsoft’s Kinect system. The camera captures a user’s movement, and can also detect a person’s arm and leg positions. The software then sends content to the screen based on what movements the cameras detect. This allows for a customized experience to every individual. During the experience, users can choose to play any pictures or videos they would like, and this provides useful analytic material for advertising. With this unique and cutting edge system, advertisers can meet user needs better than ever and in more ways than ever before.

RichTech’s Kinect

The RichTech kinect devices can be used almost anywhere, be it in a shopping mall, exhibit hall, showroom, or even at restaurants and parties. By using the equipment at high profile events, you can not only spread awareness of your product, but can also get a wider range of feedback than ever before. Individual users who want to take advantage of the many benefits of this system can purchase a device for their home entertainment center and turn their living room into a sci-fi wonderland. This device is highly appraised by both clients and executives in the advertising industry. Because of the feedback system and customizability, new opinions can be constantly added to improve the experience.


If you are looking to bring your advertising to the next generation, the Kinect system offered by RichTech is one of the best ways to go. Your customers will be impressed by the way in which you utilize the latest in innovative technology, and potential new audiences will be able to put themselves into the advertising experience, turning your brand from just another high tech ad into something that provides them with entertainment and utility. With a clear picture, easy customization, and the ability to bring the equipment virtually anywhere, this is an excellent way to make your brand more visual and be able to draw a crowd at expos, shopping malls, and much more.

Advertising is a constant challenge. As our society becomes more inundated with ads, more and more people are tuning them out. RichTech’s newest technology allows you to break through that general malaise and surprise people, drawing them into an experience that can be both entertaining and useful. In the meantime, you can use the excellent feedback provided to alter your brand as needed and make sure it fits a modern audience.