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RichTech Introduces Augmented Reality Interactive LED Display
A client looking to promote a wine brand approached RichTech with some new challenges and possibilities, and the response was a new Augmented Reality, or AR system that utilized an outdoor interactive LED display in some interesting new ways. This new system allows customers to interact with the animations in the LED screen without actually needing to touch the display. It represents a fun and innovative new approach to customer engagement.

A New Method of Advertising

This new interactive LED display marks RichTech’s first attempt at applying the AR technology to a large screen, and the result is something which may change advertising for a lot of different retailers. Normally, companies limit their interactive ads to indoor locations such as shopping malls or exhibit halls, since the technology has some issues in large outdoor environments. By using the large LED display in conjunction with existing AR technology, this setup gets around those problems, allowing advertisers to show off their product at outdoor gatherings and giving people at these events something to interact with instead of making them watch the same video again and again.

Using the Application in Advertising

The AR system combined with the interactive LED display allows people to see themselves on the screen and interact with the virtual images around them. The customer can then push the virtual button on the screen to see the advertising material the business has planned. Originally tested in a shopping mall, this system proved to be very effective in terms of getting customers more engaged in a brand. The outdoor version of the display was one of the largest LED panels in China, and proved capable of getting dozens of customers involved in the same interactive experience at once. The display is capable of remaining on for 24 hours, meaning that customers can use it around the clock.

Lots of Customization Possible

The AR system allows for a lot of different customization, giving you a chance to show off practically anything you want on the interactive LED display. Content can be customized to fit your needs, and can include things like virtual animals, food and drinks, jewelry, or almost anything else. Everything that goes into this display will serve as a reflection of your company culture and your mission as a business. This is an excellent opportunity to make sure that your brand remains unique and distinct, even if you have a lot of competitors in your industry. RichTech’s multimedia services have been offered to industries such as education, advertising, medical, and much more.

The augmented reality options now offered by RichTech are a potential game changer when it comes to the world of marketing. This is a great way to make customers active participants in your brand rather than just relying on them to passively watch your ads. It can also be modified to fit multiple different industries. Further customization is possible, as RichTech often takes the time to refine and improve upon even their best ideas.