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How the new Coin Machine Makes the Interactive Floor a Big Money Maker

The RichTech Interactive Floor is a very effective way to draw attention to your business or display, and now there’s a new way to enhance its money making ability. With the new coin machine, the floor’s features can be activated through the depositing of a few quarters. This turns an already attractive product into something that can make money directly, as people will be glad to deposit a few coins in order to enjoy the variety of features that the floor offers.

The Newly Developed Machine

The coin machine is a product that was requested by a customer in Yok, Japan. The customer wanted to create an amusement center that could allows passer bys the chance to play a variety of different games, be they children or adults. This machine combines with the interactive projection system to make sure that the projection only begins after coins have been deposited. That makes it a major draw for both children and adults. You can think of the machine as a product that turns your interactive floor into something akin to an old fashioned arcade. By just slipping in a few coins into the slot, the customers can enjoy the fun.

Features of the Product

The coin machine has many features that make it a desirable addition to any money making venture. The machine’s design is novel and eye catching, but also straightforward enough that customers can immediately understand what it is there for. Once the coins have been deposited, the customer gets access to all the game effects available, and can choose which game to play. Making the selection of which game to play is just a matter of putting your feet in the right spot, making operation intuitive and easy. The coin slot is designed for children of about 800 mm in height, which means that they can deposit the money themselves and play without having to worry about their parents doing it for them.

Client Feedback

The Japanese client that first requested the coin machine has been using the product for about half a year now. The combination of an interactive projection system and this machine has been immensely helpful to his business, with a reported increase in business of 50% from last year. This product has turned his business into a fashionable hot spot with many new customers. In the client’s statement, he pointed out that this product allows him to earn extra money while also having fun. Entertainment is one of the biggest draws for any business, and almost everybody is willing to spend a few coins in order to have a unique interactive experience.

The new coin machine is one of the many new ways that RichTech caters to its clients. Whether you are looking for something similar or have a custom order idea of your own, give us a call and let us know. RichTech always focuses on catering to a client’s individual needs.