How the Interactive Floor System Can Achieve the Perfect Wedding

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How the Interactive Floor System Can Achieve the Perfect Wedding

When it comes to your wedding day, every bride wants her ceremony to be one for the ages. The average wedding costs around $31,200USD, all things considered she wants to leave with a memory that will last forever.

So, what’s really the best way to do this? Our answer is The Interactive Floor System.

Wedding Bliss

Imagine transforming the typical wedding into a fully interactive experience where the floor and walls virtually come alive. Every participant from young to old can enjoy in the fun. There are a large number of different templates available and unlimited effects to cater to any theme for the bride and groom. It will also get the party started and keep it going after the wedding at the reception hall. Making a positive impact that is going to be lifelong.

Richtech interactive floor on wedding

A Breakthrough In Wedding

A distraught bride recently approached us from Kosovo in need of something special that was within their budget. All of their friends and family were coming from around the country and they just about exhausted their funds on the “bare” necessities of the wedding alone.

We thought hard about this and wanted to provide an immediate solution to calm the bride’s nerves and make the overall experience a pleasant one. When the bride and groom were walking up the aisle to preacher, roses started to bloom under their feet symbolizing their everlasting love for each other. All of our effects can truly be customized to best fit the needs of our clients. This one takes the cake, though. Really proud of our team for making that happen!

Excellent Feedback from Clients

The bride and groom were eternally grateful for having an unbelievable, unforgettable, unimaginable wedding that will not be duplicated. “The feeling when walking that aisle is embedded in our minds for eternity. Also, the joy that this system gave to my family and friends brought us closer as a whole. RichTech not only saved me from getting grey hairs but gave me something special that was well within my budget.  Saved me time and money!” The couple commented on how high quality the imagesthe convenience of installation, and little to no maintenance involved. Everything can be controlled by a smart phone or IPad. The client is quite willing to recommend to others for that one of a kind feeling of bliss.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Richtech has offered interactive multimedia solutions to various industries such as education, advertising, and the medical field for 16 years. As you can see, the Interactive Floor System has many applications including a wedding. All of our products are designed to capture the moment and provide alternatives and options.

Our main focus is to give our clients the best service and ensure an answer to every puzzle. We achieve this in two ways. First of all through the quality of service we give and how we deliver that service. From initial impression to final follow-up, we give them a reason to come back to us. It would be difficult to find another company that is able to match our connection with our customers.