Indoor Play Center meets Technology to create new experience for children in Japan!

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Indoor Play Center meets Technology to create new experience for children in Japan!

Japan has always been a hierarchical society where everything and everyone has its place, and traditionally, the place for young children to be is at home with their mother. If parents do take their kids out, they are expected to keep them in check: running around yelling is not acceptable and you will receive cold stares. This along with bad weather, the threat of sunburn and a single form of outdoor activities fostered an increase of Indoor Play Centers.

Can't a kid have fun indoor anymore? 

The answer to this is “yes, of course.” Indoor Play Centers were designed to fill the above needs, however, staying indoors can be daunting. Children need to be constantly entertained or they will lose interest quickly. Although each center did have several activities something was missing to consistently draw their attention for extended period of times.

RichTech System identified this was absent and incorporated our Interactive Wall System and Interactive Floor System into the existing games available. For example, the classic bounce and ball pit was turned into a one of a kind experience using each ball as a weapon of warfare to hit the screen on the wall. Racking up points, and ensuring “Mr. Teeth” kept clean from every bad anomaly. Another, unique assimilation was turning the normal sandbox into an interactive “Beach Adventure” where the ground seemed to come alive with the sound and look of being at the ocean. Positive outcomes such as healthy exercise, hand and body co-ordination, competitive spirit among peers, and learning enlightenment attributing to building character and self-confidence. These technological additions generated an unequaled adventure for children that will revolutionize the industry in Japan and worldwide.

Richtech Interactive Sand

Not only do these enhancement benefit the child, they will be a “no-brainer” for any clients interested in purchasing any of our Interactive Projection System. They are easily maintainedand provide system paid update upgrades on customized software services allowing a cost-effective way for existing clients to keep up with the times.