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 In 1760, William Hamley noticed that in and around England, there was not a quality toy shop for children to play with each other and see the latest inventions by toy makers. He set to make his dream a reality, to open the finest Toy Shop in the world. Even being bombed five times during World War II, Hamley’s remains a global retailer with five million visitors a year and a major tourist attraction to this day. RichTech is pleased to be a part of continuing that dream by introducing our Interactive Slide Projection System to Hamley’s, creating an environment where a child...

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The best description of today’s children born after 2010 is “Generation Alpha.” Alpha kids grow up with iPads in their hands and never live without a smartphone and the ability to transfer data online in a matter of seconds. Exposure to these technological advances is inevitable in a daily life of a child growing up in today’s society. In the past, individuals really had no dominance. Now, they have greater control of their lives through the ability to leverage their surroundings. Technology, in a sense, transformed the expectations of their interactions. However, children are children, and although they may be...

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Japan has always been a hierarchical society where everything and everyone has its place, and traditionally, the place for young children to be is at home with their mother. If parents do take their kids out, they are expected to keep them in check: running around yelling is not acceptable and you will receive cold stares. This along with bad weather, the threat of sunburn and a single form of outdoor activities fostered an increase of Indoor Play Centers. Can't a kid have fun indoor anymore?  The answer to this is “yes, of course.” Indoor Play Centers were designed to...

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