What is Interactive Climbing Wall? You can’t miss it!

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What is Interactive Climbing Wall? You can’t miss it!


Indoor climbing is an increasingly popular form of rock climbing, it is welcomed among young people and especially for children nowadays because environmental conditions of the activity can be more controlled, it proves to be a safer and more friendly sport other than outdoor climbing. Have you ever played it?

More recently, indoor climbing has also seen an increased popularity in entertainment and amusement center & playground because it is one of the best ways for kids to get some needed activity in bad weather, the dead of winter or year-round. RichTech’s interactive climbing wall is the first brand who has intergraded multimedia interactive function with the indoor climbing wall. Since the game is on the market, it has received good and positive feedback among participants, especially from kids and parents due to its strong play value, and it also brings much opportunity for parents to play together with their kids.

Richtech interactive climbing

In March 2017, RichTech has launched its Crazy Chicken indoor climbing wall game worldwide. The game is called Games of the Brave. The product is under license of the international brand MOORHUHN, which originates from Germany for pc games with over 100 million downloads. When the game starts, video is projected on the climbing wall, participants climb and try to make interaction with the characters of the games to win scores. The most popular games among them are Castle Battle, Catching Butterfly, My Big Tree, Treasure Hunting, Who is the Best? Each game is designed to include single player mode, battle mode and ranking function, which increases much competition than traditional wall climbing.

With RichTech  Climbing Wall system, climbing is not only a single sport of physical exercise, but also an interactive game with lots of fun and enjoyments. It builds up concentration, discipline, coordination, and strength, all qualities we're happy to explore. It also creates an excellent real-world playing environment, in which players are able to make exciting and stirring interaction with their partners, with the great help of RichTech’s advanced multimedia hardware and software.

RichTech’s interactive climbing wall game will definitely supply you an overwhelming unforgettable experience.