Interactive Wall System

Interactive Wall System

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Richtech’s Interactive Wall System is ideal for presentations and corporate events, as well as the marketing and advertising industries, utilizing the same technology in our Interactive Floor System with different effects.

Our Interactive Wall system projects images to the wall with a projection device that is suspended from the ceiling. When visitors walk past the projection area, the high-speed infrared camera system recognizes the visitor’s movements, so they can interact with the virtual scene directly.


    • Built-in high-quality templates--Unlimited effects and approximately 300 different effect templates have been specially developed by professional designers for the Interactive Floor System.

    •  Usable on different surfaces--You aren’t limited to one surface when it comes to this product. You can project onto a wall, floor, table, or other surfaces as the need arises.

    •  Remote control--Both the computer and the projector are capable of being used via remote control.

    • All in one package--RichTech Interactive Floor System is fully integrated with both hardware and software and contained in a specially designed box made of aluminum alloy. There are ready-to-use templates available and effects, many of which are three dimensional.

The interactive effects will change according to your footsteps. This solution is widely used in shopping malls, airports, exhibitions, and other scenes, and plays a very good role in product promotion. All effects content and base maps can be customized as needed, combining with a client’s brand and greatly enhancing their brand's influence.