Multi-touch Screen

Multi-touch Screen

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Deliver dynamic experiences

Want something really unique and interesting, in order to attract customers? RichTech latest design can do that! The Rotatable Bracket Multi-touch Table will give you and your customers a fresh and fantastic experience. It is a high-tech multi touch table with a stunning design, crafted for public spaces. And the customized size of display can let several people interact and share contents at the same time.

Our multi-touch screen allows users to learn about a product, company or event more interactively. Essentially, this product works to hybridize technology, education and advertising. This solution is a one-stop resource. The multi-touch table and frame supplied by RichTech is from 22 inch to 100 inch with touch points from 2 to 64.


  • Multiple touch points
  • Waterproof and super-thin
  • Sleek and futuristic design
  • Safety and rounded corner design
  • Diverse uses
  • Affordable