Projection Film

Projection Film

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Rear projection film can offer a company a unique eye-catching and effective way to enhance your brand identity or advertise a product you are selling. This kind of film reflects an image or video off a larger surface and is often used in the windows of a business to attract potential customers. Whether you are looking for a multimedia solution for a shopping mall, exhibition, museum, bank, or showroom. Rear projection films can help draw in a greater number of visitors and customers since it is almost impossible to ignore the film's impressive effect.

Rear projection film in black, transparent, gray, and dark gray options are supplied to suit a variety of spaces. All forms are both waterproof and durable. 


  • Customizable
  • Excellent quality
  • Different options
  • An eye-catching update
  • Numerous attachments points


  • Any window/glass or acrylic surface can do as an attachment point fo shop window, advertising display, home cinema, business meeting, etc.