RichTech System Ltd is an experienced, professional interactive multimedia company with over a decade of experience in the business, offering a wide range of different multi-media products and services, which include interactive floor, wall, and bar, as well as hologram showcases and multi touch system etc. These products are applicable to a range of different businesses, improving the revenue of your business.

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Why Choose Us

RichTech is skilled in multimedia solutions and innovations, with many different interactive multimedia products that help people show off their brands and entertain customers.

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Service Commitment
Our service is based on our commitment to customers’ satisfaction. Through our extensive network as well as ...
Technical Support
We assist in any technical questions you may have. RichTech is dedicated to providing the best-in-class ...

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Contact Us

United States: +1 866 204 2158
United Kingdom: +44 20 3286 1234
Dubai: +971 50 7892548
China: +86 25 6606 5009
Website: www.richtechsystem.com